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3 days ago

My friend
posted this:

"2017 I got an overpayment of council tax benefit, by £240.

I made arrangement to pay £10 per week and have been paying faithfully for 15 weeks. They have just taken me to court for " non payment" and charged me £60 for the pleasure, stating I should have finished paying by end Mar.

They tell me now it's been to court they can set up a repayment plan of £10 per week.

How does this make any f*cking sense? It's costing me £60 to do exactly what I was already doing anyway.

Anyone got any experience of how to get them to cancel the charge?"

Is there anyone on here who knows what can be done?
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4 days ago

Can anyone recommend a company/person who can help me write my GDPR policies for our charity? ... See MoreSee Less

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